Jama Masjid

This mosques has a spacious open court ( 31.42 x 24.38 m) with sanctuary on its west and arched cloisters (dalans) on its north and south, the one on the eastern side having been destroyed. The sanctuary, which measures 37.49 x 11.73 m. is three aisles deep with a corridor running north-south. Wings on either side of the nave have each an oblong barrel-vaulted hall and a square hall at the extreme end, the former thus being intermediary between the nave and the wing proper in each case. Stone ribs have been used in the barrel-vault. The nave and the square hall are roofed by elongated, massive domes, having padmakosa and Kalasa and amalaka finial. The quibla wall has been ornamentally divided into a series of beautiful mihrabs with prominent ogee curves. The skilful use of the building technique and the refined taste for exquisite ornamental effect in the structural masses, show that the building could not have been built later than A.D. 1450.
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