Sidheshwar Temple

Situated on the right bank of the Narmada this is a pilgrim center with the living Shiva temple of Siddhesvara. It is stellate on plan, saptaratha Bhumija style temple with five sikharikas in each quadrant of the sikhara. Built on a rocky eminence the Siddhesvara temple faces west and stands on the usual moulded pitha (mostly hidden under a model paved court) and a highly ornate vedibandha with niched figures deities on the kumbha moulding . The janghas well as the nine-storey sikhara has larger niched figure on both faces of projections, while their recess harbour figures of surasundari combined with lotus creepers. Bhadra niches harbour images Andhakantaka (S), Nataraja (E), Chamunda (N), The ornate capital and brackets of the jangha surmounted by a chhajja above. Nine-storeyed sikhara has an excess curvature towards the top with together with the disproportion heiht of the sikhara over mandovara looks ugly and top-head. The sanctum is preceded by a kapota to which was subsequently added mandapa with three corridor screened with jails. While the temple is assignable to mid- --- century, the mandapa and adju---- with their degenerate figural decorative carvings seem to ----- to C. 14th century.
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Nemawar Khategaon Dewas M.P.